Best and Most Popular Flavors of MNKE Bars

As the No. 8 best disposable e-cigarette product of the year selected by vapingfirst, MNKE Bars doesn’t have too many flavors.

Just Let our experts help you choose the best one.


Available flavors

Here are all the available flavors of MNKE Bars in the US in 2023,

Icy MintA refreshing blend of mint and menthol.
Jungle JuiceA tropical blend of pineapple, mango, and strawberry.
Peach WatermelonA sweet and juicy blend of peach and watermelon.
Rainbow Cotton CandyA sweet and colorful blend of cotton candy and fruit flavors.
SlushyA sweet and tart blend of blue raspberry and lime.

Icy Mint is the most popular flavor of MNKE Bars, followed by Peach Watermelon.

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