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Are there any websites that provide vape product review?

Of course, there are many e-cigarette review or vape review websites, large and small, and there are reviews with different emphasis for different types of vape products. Some are very objective and careful, while others are overtly marketing and biased. Need to be carefully screened by yourself.

What is the purpose of review websites in the e-cigarette industry?

These e-cigarette review sites are different from other media websites. They only focus on the very segmented field of e-cigarettes, so they cannot be expected to have a large number of users and market size. But he still has his own niche market. Since e-cigarette products cannot be advertised on mainstream social media and advertising platforms, this also provides a commercial space for these decentralized review websites to survive and develop. Some mainstream e-cigarette brands and online e-commerce platforms will place advertisements on these platforms in pieces or carry out business cooperation in the realization of various traffic.

What are the main content provided by review websites?

These websites primarily offer a range of content, including news, product reviews, guides, market insights, and deals. Their focus revolves around vaping products and CBD products. Certain e-cigarette review websites further specialize in sub-categories. For instance, solely concentrates on reviewing CBD oils.

Is the content of review websites trustworthy?

In general, yes, the content of review websites can be trusted. However, it is important to note that reviews should always be viewed with a critical eye. Some reviewers may have an agenda or bias and not provide an unbiased opinion. Additionally, some reviews are not written by experts in the field and therefore may not reflect the most reliable information. Ultimately, it is important to do your own research and form your own opinion on any product or service before making a decision. Doing this will help you make the most informed choice.

How Vape Review Sites Make Money?

Vape review sites generate revenue through diverse methods like affiliate marketing, sponsored content, advertising, and potentially offering their own vaping-related products or services. These platforms are highly sought-after by vapers seeking detailed insights before making a purchase. By perusing reviews written by experienced vapers, individuals can gain valuable knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of different products. Furthermore, review sites facilitate product comparisons, aiding users in making well-informed decisions. Additionally, these platforms often offer valuable tips to enhance the overall vaping experience.

Based on these trusts, e-cigarette brands are willing to advertise on these websites, and some e-commerce platforms are willing to share CPS with these websites too.

What are the best vape product review sites?

Numerous websites offer comprehensive vape reviews. Below are a few exceptional sources that stand out from the rest:

Best vape review websites 2023


Vaping360 was established in 2015 by a team of visionary Germans. Today, it attracts over 1 million monthly visitors, each seeking independent insight and expert analysis. This platform seamlessly blends user-friendly functionality with a plethora of valuable content. With a focus on mainstream e-cigarette products, Vaping360 offers comprehensive evaluations, enabling users to make informed choices.Based on preliminary statistics, Vaping360 emerges as the frontrunner in the realm of electronic cigarette review websites.


Founded in January 2018, Versed Vaper emerged as a casual counterpart to vaping360 with a simple objective: to provide easily accessible vaping information to beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Whether you seek general knowledge on e-cigarettes, vaping safety, the latest news, gear recommendations, or honest reviews on mods, kits, and e-juices, our professional editorial team at Versed Vaper is here to cater to your needs. Similar to vaping360, our website adopts a minimalist design that reflects our dedication to the realm of e-cigarettes.


The date of creation can not be determined from the public channel. However, in 2017, two major websites dedicated to helping people quit smoking joined forces and collaborated to bring forth this platform. Unlike conventional review platforms, this exceptional site offers a convenient tool that precisely pinpoints nearby vaping shops based on your current location.


Ecigclick is a leading vape review site in the UK, gaining a strong following from the USA and Europe. Established in 2010, it may even be one of the oldest vape review websites. Beyond providing product reviews and industry news, Ecigclick also offers recommendations for online platforms that offer e-cigarettes from the United States, the United Kingdom, and China.


Despite domain’s suffix being labeled as a ‘guide’, this website is actually a well-known platform for reviewing e-cigarettes. While it may appear to be a humble personal blog at first, a closer look at the website’s traffic unveils its status as an authoritative and specialized e-cigarette review platform, serving a specific niche audience.


This is a burgeoning vaping review platform that has swiftly gained prominence in the industry this year. It provides impartial reviews of popular vape products, while diligently dispelling any unfounded biases against vape and CBD products.It also has a lot of content for newbee of vaping and CBD.


It’s also a review site that’s been around for a long time. Like other review sites, vapingvibe provides product reviews, industry news, and articles that guide users to use e-cigarettes or CBD products correctly. The difference is that it provides a new product preview section.


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