Elux Legend 3500 Review: A Comprehensive Look for UK Vapers

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Welcome, UK vapers! We’re diving into the Elux Legend 3500, a noteworthy player in the disposable vape scene. Let’s explore what sets it apart.

Design and Build Quality

This vape is a stunner in simplicity, with a design that ensures a firm grip and a lightweight feel. It’s visually appealing too, boasting a unique colour for each flavour.

Flavours and Experience

With almost 20 choices, from fruity to classic, there’s a taste for every palate. Signature flavours include Blueberry Cherry Cranberry and Fizzy Cherry. The nic salt juice rounds off with a menthol touch, perfect for a refreshing puff.

Battery Life and Performance

Impressively, the 1500mAh battery powers about 3500 puffs. An average user can expect a five-day lifespan, although it relies on micro-USB charging – a slight drawback.

Price and Value

At around £12, often cheaper with discounts, it’s a bargain for UK shoppers. The mix of flavour variety, longevity, and affordability makes it a top choice.

Comparison with Elf Bar

Elux and Elf Bar are close in features, but Elux’s unique sweet flavours give it an edge. In design, Elf Bar’s smaller, cylindrical shape contrasts with Elux’s rectangular form. Both offer a plethora of flavours, but Elf Bar wins slightly on battery life.

Safety Precautions

Safety first! Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, use the right batteries and chargers, and keep the device away from extreme conditions. Regular cleaning is a must.


For UK vapers seeking a blend of flavour, design, and value, the Elux Legend 3500 is a solid choice. It stands up well against rivals, offering a unique vaping experience.

FAQs About Elux Legend 3500

Q1: How long does the battery last in the Elux Legend 3500?

A: The 1500mAh battery typically lasts for about 3500 puffs, which can translate to around 5 days for an average user.

Q3: Is the Elux Legend 3500 more expensive than other disposable vapes?

A: Priced around £12, often cheaper with discounts, the Elux Legend 3500 is competitively priced and often more affordable than other options, especially when bought in bulk.

Q4: How does the Elux Legend 3500 compare to Elf Bar in terms of design?

A: The Elux Legend 3500 has a rectangular design, whereas the Elf Bar has a cylindrical shape. Both are compact, but Elf Bar is slightly smaller and more portable.

Q5: Are there any safety precautions I should be aware of when using the Elux Legend 3500?

A: Yes, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, use compatible batteries and chargers, avoid extreme temperatures, and keep the device clean and well-maintained.

Q6: Can I adjust the airflow in the Elux Legend 3500?

A: Yes, the Elux Legend 3500 includes an airflow adjustment valve at its base, allowing you to fine-tune the air intake according to your preference.

Q7: How environmentally friendly is the Elux Legend 3500?

A: Elux focuses on environmental consciousness, with recyclable devices and efforts to reduce waste associated with vaping.


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