Authenticating Your SKE Crystal Bar: A Comprehensive Guide


In today’s dynamic e-cigarette market, the SKE Crystal Bar stands as a top choice for enthusiasts. But with its rising popularity, how can you ensure you’re getting the genuine product? This guide is here to help. Many users have reported to us that they bought fake products, so when purchasing, you should pay special attention to ensure that they are genuine.

crystal bar disposable vape review
crystal bar disposable vape

Table of Contents:

1. Quick QR Code Check

Every genuine SKE product is equipped with a unique QR code on its packaging. To authenticate:

  • Scratch the label to reveal the code.
  • Scan it with your smartphone for instant verification.
Scan the QR code to verify the SKE Crystal Bar

2. The Anti-counterfeit Code Assurance

Another layer of security is the anti-counterfeit code. Here’s how to use it:

  • Scratch the label to find the code.
  • Visit the official SKE verification page.
  • Input the code for confirmation.
Enter the anti-counterfeiting code to verify the SKE Crystal Bar

3. Spotting Genuine Packaging

Details matter when distinguishing between genuine and counterfeit:

  • The genuine SKE Crystal Bar has a distinct “V” shaped mouthpiece.
  • Ensure the word “Bar” is printed clearly.
  • Check the placement of hazard icons and verification symbols.
Pattern on the SKE Crystal Bar product packaging

4. Typography Tells a Tale

Subtle differences in design can reveal a product’s authenticity:

  • Observe the unique font design on genuine packaging.
  • The official SKE website and a best-before date should be present.
  • An “18+” warning label is a clear indicator of authenticity.
Font design and tiny details of SKE Crystal Bar


SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape
SKE Crystal Bar disposable vape

In the vaping world, ensuring product authenticity is paramount for both quality and safety. Always prioritize genuine SKE products, and use this guide whenever in doubt.

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