Navigating Your Journey with Flying Horse: Your Questions Answered

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Many readers have sent us emails to inquire about various Flying Horse products. We have compiled common questions and answers, hoping to be helpful to you.

Facing an Issue with Your Flying Horse Device?

Each Flying Horse product is assured for quality, having undergone stringent testing procedures. Should you encounter any problems, return to the store where you made the purchase for a prompt replacement of your malfunctioning device.

Where to Buy Flying Horse Products?

While we don’t host a retail platform, our products are distributed across all 50 states. If you have a favorite local retailer, share their details with us and we’ll work towards making them authorized dealers of Flying Horse products.

Interested in Becoming a Flying Horse Distributor or Retailer?

We’re elated at the possibility of having you join our network! Complete the form in the ‘Partner with Us’ section and we’ll be in touch. For direct communication, reach out to us at 678-654-4539 or 678-620-4710. Your venture into the Flying Horse community awaits!

How to Choose the Flavor on Your Flying Horse Device?

Selecting a flavor is a breeze. Refer to your product’s packaging where three varieties are listed horizontally, each corresponding to the switch on your device. A green light signifies Sativa, green/blue for Hybrid, and blue for Indica. While charging, the light will flash green.


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