Is Funky Republic Elf Bar?

The answer is Yes.

Funky Republic, along with EBDesign and Lost Mary, operates as a distinctive sub-brand under the renowned iMiracle company, which also owns Elf Bar. Although Elf Bar enjoys greater recognition, it is essential to note that Funky Republic is an independent brand that runs parallel to Elf Bar. This distinction becomes evident through their distinct marketing campaigns and unique packaging, which notably lack any reference to Elf Bar or EBDesign.

How Long Does a Funky Republic Vape Last?

This brand has already released two products, Ti7000 and Fi3000 respectively. From the name of the product, you can see the number of mouths that can be smoked. However, it should be noted that this is the maximum number of mouthfuls. Normally, it is about 80% of the maximum number of mouthfuls. Although it is possible to smoke more than this number of mouthfuls, the degree of reduction of the taste will gradually become worse. This number also depends on how hard and how often you puff.

For more parameters and configurations, you can learn about them through their Funky Republic offical website.

How to Make Sure Your Funky Republic Is Real & Not Fake?

Confirmation in just two steps:

  • Step 1#: When you receive the outer packaging, keep it instead of discarding it. Simply follow the instructions depicted in the accompanying image.

If what you bought was EDDesign, here are the instructions.


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