Understanding VPU Technology: The Future of Vaping with GeekVape?


VPU, which stands for Vaping Processing Unit, is a groundbreaking technology in the vaping industry. Just as a CPU is pivotal for a computer, the VPU is central to the vaping experience. Geekvape, a renowned brand in the vaping world and the official partner of Paris Saint-German, has been at the forefront of this innovation.

GeekVape VPU introduction - 1200-800
GeekVape VPU introduction

Key Features of VPU Technology:

  1. Advanced Integration: The VPU technology platform amalgamates the latest developments in fluid and heat transmission, material safety, and advanced material research. This ensures customers receive a holistic solution tailored to their vaping needs.

  1. Enhanced Vape Experience: One of the standout features of VPU is its impact on heat generators, which are crucial for electro-atomization. Products that have adopted the VPU technology have seen a cloud volume surge by 23.7%. This ensures that every puff offers a consistent flavor restoration to the user.

  1. VPU Non-Woven Standard: Geekvape has set an industry-leading testing standard. Their continuous efforts have led to significant advancements in the performance of the through-air bonded non-woven. This guarantees consistent product quality from one batch to another.
  2. Geekvape Ceramic Core: By meticulously selecting raw materials and refining the molding process, Geekvape can manage the pore size precisely between 0.1 to 80 microns. This precision ensures the best pore size is chosen for each vaping scenario, leading to a uniform pore structure.
  3. Safety First: Geekvape’s R&D team has conducted extensive aerosol analysis to address issues like excessive condensation, liquid absorption, and liquid frying. Their efforts have culminated in a balanced atomization effect, reducing the chances of core gluing and enhancing the overall safety of use.
  4. Unit Process Control: Emphasizing quality, Geekvape employs statistics-based unit process control. This ensures consistent quality across batches, with Geekvape’s yield soaring to an impressive 99.5%.


With the advent of VPU technology, the future of vaping looks promising. It promises a mellower taste, extended usage lifespan, and a safer vaping experience. As we move forward, the quest for innovation continues, and with brands like Geekvape leading the charge, the future is bright.


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