Breeze Pro Tropical Summer Vape Review: Your Gateway to a Refreshing Summer Experience

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Summer is here, and it’s vibrant, warm, and full of life! And guess what? You can carry the essence of summer right in your pocket with the Breeze Pro vape. Let’s take a delightful journey through the tropical summer breeze that this vape promises.

Tropical Summer: Your Mini Vacation in a Puff

Imagine a mini-vacation with every puff. The Breeze Pro Tropical Summer is a vibrant blend of strawberry, watermelon, and lemon, bringing you a refreshing and vibrant tropical summer breeze experience. It’s not just a flavor; it’s a summer celebration in your pocket!

Dive into a World of Flavors

Breeze Pro offers a rich variety of flavors to choose from, each promising a unique experience. Here is a list of all the flavors you can enjoy:

  • Tropical Summer: A vibrant blend of strawberry, watermelon, and lemon.
  • Pineapple Coconut: Your breezy beach experience with a blend of pineapple and coconut.
  • Coconut Banana: A tropical delight combining the creamy taste of bananas with refreshing coconut.
  • Orange Mango Watermelon: A citrusy delight offering a refreshing and vibrant experience.
  • Cherry Lemon: A tart and fruity flavor bringing together freshly sliced lemons and cherries.
  • Mango Freeze: Experience the tropical sensation of ripe mangoes with a cool twist.


Get to know the technical details that make Breeze Pro a must-have:

  • E-juice Volume: A generous 6ml pre-filled chamber
  • Battery Life: A robust 1000mAh battery
  • Usage Life: Up to 2000 delightful puffs
  • Nicotine Varieties: Choose between 20mg Salt Nic and Synthetic 50 options
  • Activation: Simple draw-activated inhale with a cool LED indicator

Key Features

Discover the standout features of the Breeze Pro:

  • Flavorful Experience: Enjoy a vibrant blend of strawberry, watermelon, and lemon.
  • Long-lasting: Designed for extended pleasure with about 2000 puffs per device.
  • Powerful Battery: Ensures your sessions last long with a 1000mAh battery.
  • Nicotine Options: Tailored to suit different preferences with two nicotine strengths.

Pros & Cons

Before you make a choice, weigh the pros and cons:


  • Rich Flavor: Offers a refreshing and vibrant taste palette.
  • Durable Battery: Ensures uninterrupted enjoyment.
  • Value for Money: Great pricing with exciting bulk purchase offers.


  • Limited Availability: Sometimes, the high demand leads to stock shortages.
  • Contains Nicotine: Not suitable for those looking for nicotine-free options.

Pricing and Availability

At just $21.99, the Breeze Pro Tropical Summer is a steal. Plus, there’s a special offer: buy 5 and get the 6th one absolutely free. Grab yours online or at select locations, with easy stock transfer options to suit your needs.


Get answers to the most common questions:

1. What’s the flavor profile of the Tropical Summer Breeze Pro?

It’s a delightful blend of strawberry, watermelon, and lemon, offering a refreshing and vibrant vaping journey that’s like a tropical summer breeze in every puff.

2. How does the Tropical Summer Breeze Pro taste?

Imagine a tropical paradise in every puff, with the sweetness of strawberries, the refreshing notes of watermelon, and a zesty lemon kick, promising a vibrant and refreshing experience.

3. How many puffs does a Breeze Pro device offer?

A Breeze Pro device offers up to 2000 puffs, providing a long-lasting vaping experience.

4. What are the nicotine strength options available?

You can choose between two nicotine strengths: 20mg Salt Nic and Synthetic 50, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to your preference.

5. Where can I buy the Breeze Pro Tropical Summer?

You can purchase it online or at select locations, including Brampton and Mississauga. Check the official website for more details on the availability and stock transfer options.


The Breeze Pro range promises a tropical summer breeze experience that is both refreshing and delightful. The Tropical Summer variant, in particular, stands tall, offering a vibrant and unique flavor profile.


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