Geekvape Wenax S3 Review: A Comprehensive Guide for Vapers

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The Geekvape Wenax S3 is not just another e-cigarette; it’s a sophisticated vaping device designed to elevate your vaping experience to new heights. Launched by Geekvape, a brand renowned for its quality and innovation, the Wenax S3 aims to meet the diverse needs of vapers. Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy-to-use device or an experienced vaper seeking more control and customization, the Wenax S3 has something to offer. With features like an upgraded cartridge system, precise airflow control, and a long-lasting battery, this device promises a vaping experience that is both satisfying and versatile.


  • Output Power: 5W to 18W
  • Cartridge Capacity: 2.0ml
  • Coil Resistance: 0.8Ω/1.2Ω
  • Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Drip Tip: Ergonomic Drip Tip & Filter Drip Tip
  • Battery Status Instructions: White Light (0~30%), Blue Light (31%~69%), Green Light (70%~100%)

Pros & Cons


  1. Upgraded Cartridge: Compatible with both Ergonomic Drip Tip and Filter Drip Tip.
  2. Precise Airflow Control: New airflow structure for easier and more precise control.
  3. Intelligent Indicators: 360° ring indicators for easy device status checking.
  4. Versatile Output Settings: Three output settings for different airflow levels.
  5. Long-lasting Battery: 1100mAh battery for 2-day use.


  1. Limited Power Range: Maximum output of 18W may not be sufficient for power users.
  2. Cartridge Capacity: 2.0ml capacity may require frequent refilling.

Who Should Consider the Geekvape Wenax S3?

For Beginners

  • Ease of Use: The Wenax S3 is incredibly user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for those who are new to vaping.
  • Auto Draw Feature: The auto-draw functionality eliminates the need for complicated settings, allowing beginners to start vaping right away.

For Intermediate Users

  • Customizable Experience: With adjustable airflow and multiple power settings, the Wenax S3 offers a more tailored vaping experience.
  • Battery Longevity: The 1100mAh battery is perfect for those who want a device that can last through the day without frequent recharging.

For Fans of Flavor

  • Upgraded Cartridge: The new cartridge system is designed to deliver a more flavorful and satisfying experience.
  • Drip Tip Options: The ergonomic and filter drip tips offer different experiences, one focusing on flavor and the other mimicking the feel of traditional cigarettes.

For On-the-Go Vapers

  • Compact Design: The sleek and lightweight design makes it easy to carry, ideal for vaping on the go.
  • Quick Charging: The Type-C charging port ensures that you’re not left waiting for long before you can start vaping again.


The Geekvape Wenax S3 is a well-rounded device that offers a balance of features, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers. Its upgraded cartridge, precise airflow control, and long-lasting battery make it a strong contender in the market. However, its limited power range and cartridge capacity could be a drawback for some users. By providing a neutral perspective, this review aims to assist you in making an informed decision about whether the Geekvape Wenax S3 is the right fit for your vaping needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Geekvape Wenax S3

Q1. Is the Geekvape Wenax S3 Compatible with Other Geekvape Devices?

Absolutely, the Wenax S3 features a new S cartridge that is fully compatible with other devices in the Geekvape lineup, such as the WENAX S-C and WENAX Stylus.

Q2. What is the Boost Mode in Geekvape Wenax S3?

The Boost Mode is a special feature that allows you to maximize the output power of the Wenax S3. By pressing the button, you activate this mode, which enhances cloud production for a more intense vaping experience.

Q3. What Safety Features Does the Geekvape Wenax S3 Offer?

Safety is a priority with the Wenax S3. The device comes equipped with both overtime protection and short-circuit protection. If a puff exceeds 10 seconds, the device will automatically stop working, ensuring a safer vaping experience.

Q4. How Long Does the Battery Last on the Geekvape Wenax S3?

The Geekvape Wenax S3 boasts a robust 1100mAh battery, providing up to 2 days of use on a single charge. This makes it ideal for vapers who are on the go and don’t want to be tethered to a charger.

Q5. What Kind of Charging Port Does the Geekvape Wenax S3 Use?

The Wenax S3 utilizes a Type-C charging port, allowing for quick and efficient charging. This modern charging standard ensures you spend less time waiting and more time vaping.


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