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An Introduction to Flying Horse’s Offerings

Flying Horse has recently introduced several products to their lineup:

  • Flying Horse 5000mg Infused Gummies: These are gummies that have been infused with a specific concentration.
  • Flying Horse D11 Premium Prerolls: These are prerolls that are part of Flying Horse’s premium range.
  • Flying Horse THC-A Diamond Infused Prerolls: Another variant of prerolls that have a specific infusion.

Features of Flying Horse’s Products and Services

Flying Horse claims to prioritize quality in their products. They state that each product undergoes testing before reaching the consumer.

  1. Product Variety: Flying Horse offers a range of products, including prerolls, gummies, and delta disposables.
  2. Shipping Services: The company provides shipping services with tracking information.
  3. Customer Support: Flying Horse has a team that addresses customer inquiries and concerns.
  4. Promotional Offers: The company occasionally offers deals and discounts. They also have a newsletter for updates.
  5. Bulk Purchasing: For those interested in larger quantities, Flying Horse provides discounts on bulk orders.
  6. Product Updates: The company regularly adds new items to their inventory.
  7. Quality Control: Flying Horse mentions that they have control over every step of their production process.

Partnership Opportunities with Flying Horse

Flying Horse is open to collaborations and invites potential partners to discuss opportunities.

Contact Information

  • Location: Hoover, AL 35216
  • Phone: (770)-330-1083

Отказ от ответственности: It’s noted that products on the Flying Horse site contain a value of 0.3% or less Δ9THC. Potential users are advised to consult with a physician before use.

For more information, one can visit Летающая лошадь.

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